Cruising Music Video
Cruising Music Video with Vintage Affects
Recluse is a multimedia sculpture that utilizes audio and video media to augment the reality of the presentation. The media can be easily changed to create alternative artistic visions. Recluse addresses reality & alternate reality, dreams, memories, sensory deprivation & depersonalization, isolation, anxiety, and life & death.
Layer Cake
“Layer Cake, a new Tower of Babel” is a Multimedia Sculpture. In my work I use meticulously detailed structures containing video and animated imagery to engage the viewer from an artistic and civic perspective about the human condition. “Layer Cake” challenges an observer’s expectations, beliefs and assumptions through visual representations of information independent from typical associations and attributes. Through challenging the common perceptual outlets in the form of sculpture the symbolic can be used to convey unexpected messages.
Marcel Duchamp & the Spirit of DADA
Animation about Marcel Duchamp and his artwork. Presented in a CD/DVD case that contains a Blu-Ray disc and a folded informational booklet. Personal project. 16 minutes. After Effects, inDesign, Photoshop, & Illustrator
I create intricate sculptural objects that try to draw in the viewer. Somewhat edgy but innocent looking miniatures which appear mechanically designed and built for some unknown purpose but, with closer inspection, are more than their external appearance. Through these sculptural objects, which incorporate time-based media, I’m deconstructing the parameters of the frame and objectifying the video image as part of the sculpture. The objects exist as an individual and personal media viewer.
Political Theater Factory
A Personalized Political Indoctrination Device. Multimedia sculpture includes video animation with audio taken from radio and TV recordings of political media figures. With any new animation and recording the sculpture becomes an entirely new piece.
~8,500 Screws
Plasticine Figures
Creating plasticine clay cartoon figures for fun. STATman and Bobbin, M&M, along with the doctors and nurses, were for Covenant Health programs and advertisements. Kerns Bread figures were for a commercial pitch for clay animated singing bread. The grayscale Statue of Liberty and the Smell Tester were for the University of Tennessee Daily Beacon student publication.
Viking 3
My first helmet made with EVA foam and EVA foam clay.
Thought Bot
Thought Bot helmet. Made with EVA foam, EVA foam clay, and Smooth Cast 300 resin.
N.E.M.O. Leather Mask
Leather Steampunk Mask (Leather, Dyes, Rivets, Cast Urethane Plastic, Waxed Leather Thread, and EL Wire with Battery Pack).
Viking 2
Leather Jester Mask Redux
Leather Jester Mask (Leather, Dye, and Waxed Leather Thread).
Leather Jester Mask
Leather Jester Mask (Leather, Dye, and Waxed Leather Thread).
Bird Mask
Bird Theater Mask (Cardboard, Paper Packaging Tape, Gold Foil and Quail Feathers).
Art CV
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